The Code of Ethics of VIDRA a spol.

The social and moral responsibility of VIDRA a spol.

VIDRA a spol. undertakes in its business activities to respect the laws of the Slovak Republic and the laws of the countries in whose territory they operate, to conduct business in accordance with good morals and to promote competition in the spirit of fair play rules. VIDRA a spol. ensures the protection of the environment. Wherever it performs its activities and services, it respects valid technological and environmental standards. VIDRA a spol. builds its relationships with employees, business partners, customers, suppliers, creditors, competitors and the general public on the basis of trust, respect, respect for fundamental human rights and without discrimination.

Customer relationship

Employees of VIDRA a spol. they behave courteously, honestly and responsibly to the customers in order to meet their wishes and requirements as much as possible. Employees of VIDRA a spol. they should always keep in mind that customer satisfaction depends on the quality of services and the economic results of VIDRA and others. depends on the satisfaction of its customers. Employees of VIDRA et al. do not abuse the customer's confidence or his ignorance in certain areas. They do not damage the customer's property and take good care of his reputation. Customer information is considered confidential. Employees of VIDRA a spol. accept or bribe in any form directly or through third parties. They must not accept gifts or entertainment that would bind them to services detrimental to society's interests.

The relationship of the company to the employees

VIDRA a spol. undertakes to strictly abide by the Labor Code as well as all other statutory measures governing employers' employment relationships in employment relationships. It will implement a fair policy of recruiting, educating and remunerating workers and creating the conditions for decent work. VIDRA et al. implements all the directives on safety and health at work. It ensures that every employee understands personal responsibility for compliance with safety regulations and does not endanger himself, his colleagues or other people. Drinking alcohol or drugs during working hours or before work is strictly prohibited.

Employee relationship to the firm

Every employee of VIDRA a spol. is also its representative and contributes to the creation of its positive or negative reputation for customers and the public. It is unacceptable that workers in any way harm the reputation and interests of society. The relationship to society should be based on the principle of belonging and loyalty. Every employee protects both the intellectual and tangible assets of the company and uses it only to achieve the company's business goals. Any misuse of information, damage or alienation of company property is inadmissible. Use property of a company for private purposes only with the consent of a senior employee in accordance with applicable company regulations. Every employee of VIDRA a spol. he is obliged to do everything to avoid conflicts of interest. If he / she gets into such a conflict, he / she is obliged to report it to the company director and direct superior. Performing business or work activities that are identical to the subject of the company's business may only be in accordance with applicable regulations of VIDRA a spol.

Relationships between company employees

Communication between company employees, including subordinate and superiors communication, is based on collaboration, mutual respect and help, tolerance and decency. Any abuse, harassment, humiliation, discrimination, ridicule, violence, psychological or physical harassment are forbidden. Every employee of VIDRA a spol. is required to prevent conflicts at the workplace. However, if conflicting situations arise, each of the stakeholders should have a warm-hearted and sophisticated approach to their solution. Discussion, the effort to listen to others and to understand them, the will to agree, but not to the detriment of others, are the key principles in solving any work problems. Every employee is responsible for his behavior and should be aware of the consequences of his actions on others.

Commitment to the Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is part of the Mission and Basic Principles of Society and the Staff Regulations. It is publicly available. It is binding on all managers and employees of VIDRA and others. Breach of the Code of Ethics is sanctioned and can lead to termination of the employment relationship. Every employee of the company is required to report violations of the Code of Ethics. The announcement may be made in writing, orally, by telephone or e-mail, to the company director, to the immediate superior or to the employee trustee. These people may also address any ambiguity in the interpretation of the Code or suggestions for supplementing it. No one will be penalized and persecuted for reporting a violation of the Code of Ethics.